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Why you should care about your TELOMERES
with Rex Hodge and Roger Green

Wednesday 8pm (NYC) April 12th

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Discover your Telomeres!

Telomeres are a major factor in how long you live, how quickly you age, and when you die. Bad things happen when telomeres get short.

Listen to Rex and Roger explaining this discovery and how scientists have figured out a way to lengthen telomeres. Telomeres repair and protect your DNA, they are the end caps of your chromosomes. When they shorten and fray, cells can no longer do their job.

Once the telomere ends are below a certain length, the cell ceases to divide in order to avoid damaging the DNA. This process effectively creates an aging clock – one that ticks with every cell division until these divisions stop.

Learn about Telomerase. It is an enzyme that rebuilds, restores and repairs your telomeres. After decades of research, the quest for what triggers telomerase is finally over. This miraculous anti-aging molecule is the active ingredient in Telostep